Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The journey of getting Depilacion Biquini Completa

Depilacion Biquini Completa means Complete Bikini Wax (Hollywood wax)..

I am writing this entry with wax on my toes, kneecaps and belly.

I was in need of a Hollywood wax badly. A very kind friend recommended a nice place called Tijeres Y Color which is supposed to be at Calle 24 Carrera 48.

I didn't make it to the intended destination. I got lost.

I am the worst human being on the planet when it comes to reading maps and directions.

I ended up at Calle 22G Carrera 120. I believe it is a different city. I think it is in Fontibon.

I was supposed to be at A, and ended up at B.

To make things worse, my phone died and I forgot my spanish dictionary.

B is an industrial area. All i saw there were factories and big trucks. I almost cry. I seriously didn't know how to get home. There were no taxis around.

I remembered my friend telling me the beauty salon was near a big university, Universidad Nacional. With my none existent spanish and awesome body language, I asked for direction.  I was so lucky to meet few locals who were so kind to put me on the bus to Universidad Nacional.

The bus ride felt like forever. Took few pictures on the bus...

This was where I ended up at

Can you see the old train railways? Apparently there used to be train (LRT, Star and Monorail alike) services in Bogota. However, it failed after couple of years. Old railways are now abandoned. 

Abandoned railways at a main T junction

Busy traffic light stop. The traffic in Bogota is bad, but not as bad as in KL. And KL has train services.. Imagine if we don't..

Cute taxis

This picture is taken when I was on the bus. We were at Modelia (another city). And of course I found beauty salon when I was in a bus and lost in a different city.

This mountain is supposed to be the main landmark. Whenever you're lost in Bogota, you should use this mountain as point of direction.

But if you are as stupid as me when it comes to maps, geography and directions, then this massive mountain means nothing.

Though there is no longer train services in Bogota, there is Transmilenio. Expensive Bus service which takes you to your destination without being stuck in traffic jams.

One of the Transmilenio stops...

That red bus is Transmilenio Bus

The Bus Driver dropped me near this Transmilenio stop, and Universidad Nacional is supposed to be near. 

And of course, I didn't find Universidad Nacional. Which is very big by the way. Only a moron like me would miss it.

Thankfullly, I recognised this Transmilenio stop. It is not far from where I live.

I was torn in half; either to find Universidad Nacional and hopefully to find the beauty salon or go home.

I chose to go home.

Then I saw MANY small beauty salons. All that trouble looking for beauty salon and there were at least 5 beauty salons 200 metres away from my house.

Just my luck.

2 local beauty salons behind my house..

So I picked the one which looked the nicest.

I told the beauticians there that I needed Depilacion Biquini Completa. A very young beautician took me to a small room at the back of the salon.

The room was dirty. There were pubic hair left from customer before me on the bed. And there was no bed sheet. She didn't use glove when waxing. Nor did she wear a mask.

She used my toes, kneecaps and belly to rest the used waxing stick while she pulled my hair with clothes.

After waxing me with her bare hands, she put lotions on her hands and then apply them on my private part.

My private part is itching as I am typing this.

The beautician however, is very kind. The wax didn't hurt at all. She didn't have to use pluck my hair with tweezers as the wax pulled almost all of my hair. It did smell funny though, like paint and thinner.

I paid 10.000 pesos for it, which is RM13.00.

RM13.00 for hollywood wax. How cheap is that?????!!!!!!

Would I go back to the salon? I would, if I couldn't find cheap and hygienic salon.

Off to remove this other customer's pubic hair from my body,


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