Monday, 22 July 2013

Help me help our new brothers and sisters

May the peace and the blessings of the almighty Allah (swt) continue to be with you and I pray that this message of mine finds you in the best state of health and imman.

I have been in Bogota, Colombia for 3 months now. Colombia is a catholic country, with 90% of its populations are catholics. This has never bothered me as I am used to travelling abroad and living in a non-Islamic country.

However, something is different this year. Maybe it is the fact that I am now a wife, with a foreign husband who has just converted to Islam. This would also be my first year celebrating Ramadhan and Eid as a wife.

Last night 13 Ramadan 1434, my husband and I went to an Islamic Center in Bogota for tarawikh.

The Islamic Center is a very small cornered double storey house. It is divided into 3 areas; a kitchen, a dining hall and a small masjid. The masjid has very limited Islamic resources. There were only one sajdah in the women's section. There were no telekung or quran there.

I was suprised to see that there were no born muslimah there. All the women are Colombians, who found their ways into Islam in recent years.

While putting on my telekung, I realised that all eyes were on me. One girl said to me; she would love to own a telekung. This made me noticed, most of the muslimahs were covering their awrahs with pashminas, cardigans, long dresses and leggings. Some of them didn't look comfortable in their attire, but they were doing their best to cover their awrahs.

This is when I started sobbing silently. These women are new sisters of Islam, living in a country where practising Islam openly could be dangerous. They learn about Islam using their very limited resources. They risk their relationship with their family, their jobs and their safety for Islam.

......on the other hand, I was born into a strong muslim family. I learned everything about Islam since I couldn't even speak. I lived in a muslim community, and in an Islamic country. I learned reading Quran and history of Islam at a very young age. Everything came very easy to me. Yet, I don't embrace Islam the way I should. I should be ashamed of myself........

Some of the women told me that they have rocky relationship with their family cause they can't accept their conversion.

A young muslimah's story touched my heart. She is 21 years old, and took shahadah three years ago when she was only 18 years old. No one in her family are muslims. She faced difficulties with her family and society when she first became a muslim and wears hijab. She travels roughly 40kms daily by bus from her home to the Islamic Centre for iftar and tarawikh. The thought of a young hijabi, travelling alone by bus, late at night saddened me. Worse, she reminds me of my little sister.

This is why I want to do something to help........

To donate sajdah, kufi hat (topi haji), telekung for women and children, quran, hijab/ tudung...
To provide resources for their educational Islamic center, like salah books etc

If you would like to waqf any Islamic items, please send them to my family address in Kuching, addressed to me or my father;

Nurul Jamaludin/ Jamaludin Bujang
184, Jalan Nanas Barat
93400 Kuching Sarawak

or if you would like to make financial donation which would be used for the maintenance of the Islamic Centre, to buy educational Islamic books etc.. please transfer your donation to my RHB account;

Nurul Fakhriah binti Jamaludin

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at

Please help me spread the words.....

Jazak Allah Khayr,

Nurul Jamaludin

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